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♥ XIAN LIM AND THE CHIU FAMILY: First picture was early 2011 before ‘My Binondo Girl’ started at Kimmy’s Ate Kam’s birthday. At this party a lot of Kimmy’s close guy friends were there, Xian Lim, Gerald Anderson and Jason Abalos included. Second and third picture was in Cebu, after a ‘My Binondo Girl’ mallshow (2011), the cast, Matteo’s cousin, and Kimmy’s family and close friends went to a club called ‘Vudu’. The third picture is Kimmy’s ate Twinkle dancing with Xian, so cute! The very last picture… I know too well, March 10, 2012. Family dinner. Kimmy asked Xian to have dinner with her lola and tita since they had come in from Cebu, Xian agreed and he went to the dinner. What I find so cute and so sincere, is that he was willing to see her family that had come all the way from Cebu to Manila, and what I found even more scream worthy, is that SHE invited HIM. What did Xian have to say? Well… Xian being Xian, said the sweetest things a man could say.

“Sabi ko naman I’ll make time [for her]. Masaya naman siya kasama. I always say she’s special. I have a busy schedule, she has a busy schedule, [pero] ‘pag merong time, lumalabas naman kami. Siyempre it’s a wonderful experience to be introduced to her family. It means it’s getting deeper, hindi lang siya yung hi-hello na friendship. Walang humahadlang. Kapag naramdaman ‘yan ng puso, hindi naman mapipigilan.”

Oh swoon!!!! 

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